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Fresh Water Scents

Our fresh water fragrances are inspired by the nature to create a friendly and refreshing atmosphere.

Initial Premium Scent Ireland


The distinct and sweet scent of Florida sawgrass, smells like a warm summer day with hints of lemongrass, rose, and sandalwood. This fragrance is authentic and earthy. Lemongrass notes decrease irritability and drowsiness. Rose notes keep the mind focused and alert, and stimulate brain waves. This combination makes the fragrance ideal for high-energy facilities like casinos.

Initial Citrus Scent

Citrus Blossom

The freshness of bergamot balanced with watery ozonic notes provides a dewy affect to the soft floral tone of lily of the valley. Musk and precious woods support this contrasting vibrant warm scent.

Initial Cucumber Mint Ireland

Cucumber Mint

An aromatic blend of watery cucumber and fresh mint leaves complimented by a fruity melon accord with water lily and jasmine. Studies show that cucumber fragrances make the space seem larger and more open. Perfect for facilities wanting to create an uplifting, clean and modern ambience like commercial office buildings, doctor’s offices, or hotels.

Initial Lemiongrass Scent

Lemongrass Ginger

A rich diffusive masculine scent that incorporates a rich blend of water, citrus and fresh green grass to offer sparkling freshness.

Initial Premium Scent

Soft Veil

Inspired by a delicate veil of delicate wet green and white petals on a bed of soft woods, this fragrance includes Seabreeze, Lily of the Valley, Lilies, Amazon Lilies, sustainable Copahu resin, Magnolia petals, Tahitian Vanilla and bleached white cedarwood.