washroom and period dignity

Washroom and Period Dignity

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Washroom and Period Dignity

We are committed to providing sanitary product options that help to ensure a dignified washroom experience for all washroom users regardless of gender.

Keeping it in the Cubicle

We firmly believe in Period Dignity. We provide period / sanitary waste bins that ensure user comfort in smaller cubicles, and both traditional and reusable period products that can be accessed within the cubicle.

Our Period Dignity Solutions

We offer our In Cubicle dispenser unit which caters to each individual user, providing them with an option of various period products at no cost.

Initial's In Cubicle Period Dignity Dispenser

Designed specifically for the cubicle, this sanitary product dispenser provides user dignity at the point of need.

Initial In Cubicle Period Dignity Dispenser

Our new Initial In Cubicle Period Dignity Dispenser is an efficient solution to provide free period products to employees, students and visitors

  • Ensures that high-quality sanitary products are accessible to everyone who menstruates
  • Helps to provide a caring away-from-home washroom experience
  • Holds a range of reusable period products and organic single-use products
  • Required items can be accessed anonymously within the cubicle
  • Shows you are for your planet for your washroom users


  • Dimensions - H 423mm x W 337mm x D 110mm
  • Weight: 1.16 kg
  • Finishes: White
  • Recommended product location: Placed inside the cubicle
  • Installation provided
  • Refills: Wide range of period products including reusable and organic options available

Our In Cubicle Period Dignity Dispenser offers a range of single-use sanitary products as well as reusable and organic refills

Reusable Sanitary Pads

Leakproof, the multi-layer design of our reusable period pads saves you from leakage and staining issues, absorbing 4x more than ordinary pads.

Menstrual Cups

The Femme Tasse Menstrual Cup is a high-quality period product that won't disrupt vaginal pH and offers maximum comfort. Available in sizes S & L.

Period underwear

Our reusable period underwear offers heavy absorbency, easily holding the same amount of moisture as 4-5 tampons and can be worn for up to 10-12 hours. Available in S, M & L sizes.

Organic Tampons

The Tampax cotton Protection regular tampons have a 100% organic cotton core and a plant-based plastic applicator for easy insertion.

Organic Sanitary Pads

Always pads have a 100% organic cotton topsheet, wings and offer leak-free protection. Approved by dermatologists of SHA and are certified by Cotton Inc.

Initial is working with our reusable period product partner.

Personal Wipes

Our personal wipes are easily available via our In Cubicle Period Dispenser for your convenience and can be disposed of via the sanitary bin provided.

Sanitary bags

Our sanitary bags are available at the bottom of our In Cubicle Period Dignity Dispenser unit allowing the user to easily dispose of sanitary waste via the sanitary bin provided.

Signature Lite Eco Mini Sanitary Bin

Providing sustainable menstrual hygiene waste solutions

  • Period products

    Our reusable range of period underwear, menstrual cups and pads are kinder to the environment and require less disposable products ending up in landfills.

  • Personal Wipes

    Our wipes are made from non-woven cellulose fibre and are certified biodegradable.

  • Sanitary Bags

    Made from plant-based materials, our sanitary bags are biodegradable and compostable.

  • Our In Cubicle dispenser unit provides an option for disposable products

    We supply organic tampons from Tampax and organic pads from Always. These sanitary products are made from 100% cotton and are free from bleach, chlorine and fragrances. The tampons’ applicators are made from plant-based plastic, where the Always pads are made from trusted 100% organic cotton topsheet and is approved by dermatologists of Skin Health Alliance and are certified by Cotton Inc.

  • Signature Lite Eco Mini sanitary bin

    Our Signature Lite Eco Mini sanitary bin is designed for both user comfort and dignity. This is our most eco-friendly option as it uses 39% less plastic in the base than a standard sanitary bin.

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