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Business Reopening

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Innovative Products and Services For Business Reopening

Businesses that are looking forward to reopening their operations have to be very careful about the hygiene and safety of their staff and visitors from now on. Lack of proper provisions in place can lead to jeopardising the health and wellbeing of your staff as well as negatively impact business performance.

Initial Hygiene is on a mission to Protect People & Enhance Lives across Ireland by providing complete professional hygiene and disinfection solutions to businesses and protect them from all types of unhygienic threats both internal and external.
Together, our dedicated team offers your business tailored hygiene solutions that leave no stone unturned when it comes to proper hygiene in the business premises.

With the largest team across the country we are able to provide 24/7 support to help your business reopen safely while following government safety protocols.

1. Disinfection

Rentokil provides Specialist Disinfection Service to eliminate viruses and germs from common
hotspots around your business premises which ensure that your sta is returning to a safe

2. Hygiene

Initial Hygiene has created a tailored hygiene solution for businesses that cover all aspects of hygiene solutions: hand sanitisers, sanitiser stands,
hygiene kits, social distancing floor mats,soap dispensers, feminine hygiene, waste disposal, hand dryers, floor mats, air fresheners and washroom supplies.

3. Pest Control

Rentokil PestConnect offers 24/7 Non-Toxic digital pest protection to business premises that lets you know of any pest issue before they become a serious problem.

4. Landscape

Business interior design enhances the sta and visitors mood. So the environment needs to be pleasant, engaging and aesthetic. Ambius helps you achieve
this with its range of products that enhance the overall wellbeing of the sta and visitors.

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Complete Disinfection Services for Business Reopening

Our range of disinfection services are designed to protect your business from all types of threats. Equipped with the proper PPE our trained technicians will properly eliminate any disease causing pathogens from your premises to ensure that your staff and visitors return to a safe environment.

Essential Hygiene Products and Services

Initial is the leading provider of Washroom Hygiene, Healthcare Waste Management, Floor Mats, Vending, Washroom Supplies and Premium Scenting for your business reopening throughout Ireland. We offer single services or bespoke, integrated services.

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Interior and Exterior Landscaping For Business Reopening

With our knowledge and expertise, we can help you to create the perfect interior for your workplace. Plants can have a significant impact on the collective wellbeing, productivity and therefore profitability of your business. We will work closely with you to select plants, containers and accessories to suit your budget, space, lighting and ambience of your business environment.