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Premium Scenting From Initial

We work with many global brands to increase sales of their own brand perfume… and they have seen sales of the selected perfumes increase in stores from 41% to 65%.

We have a range of technical solutions to suit your needs, from small mobile units to units running through your Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning systems. We can create different scent output levels for different times of the day, and different days of the week, adjusting for your various considerations (traffic flow, peak queuing hours etc).

Odour Remediation

In your busy environment, we understand that you may also have a need for effective odour remediation in some parts of your building. Initial Premium Scenting effectively handles malodours.

Global Recognition

We support our international hotel, casino and fitness centre customers by producing the same brand scent experience around the world. Our retail customers are communicating their brand using the international language of scent. We also support hundreds of small, independent and boutique hotels, to build their reputation and increase recommendations from their international visitors by producing a memorable brand experience.

Expert Survey and Servicing

We will survey your space to find the best diffusion solution, testing airflow, measuring space and looking at any air handling solutions you might have. We use a unique diagnostic tool to decide on the most suitable unit, scent setting levels and programme times. We also work out the most cost-effective way for you to achieve your scenting goals.


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Benefits of Initial Scenting

  • Our patented technology provides refreshing fragrances and prevents odour
  • Our scents are consistent and can be controlled throughout your entire premises
  • Free Maintenance: Trained Initial service technicians are responsible for servicing the units
  • Cost efficiency with our fully programmable dispensing system
  • Perfect for both large and small areas alike
  • NO additional up-front equipment purchase necessary
  • Cleaner diffusion system that requires no clean-up and leaves no messy oil in your HVAC system
  • Fragrances that can be customised for your needs (Contact us for details)

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