Sanitary Waste

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Hygienic Sanitary Bin Service

Sanitary waste disposal can be a sensitive and nerve-wracking experience; unprofessional feminine hygiene bins are a potential breeding ground for bacteria and can carry a serious health risk.

Initial’s range of feminine hygiene services gives you the confidence that your colleagues and visitors have a safe and simple way to dispose of their sanitary waste. By incorporating customer feedback, we have created a supremely hygienic method of disposing of this waste. Our Signature sanitary units now come equipped with an integral anti-microbial coating to prevent the spread of germs, whilst each sanitary bin houses a BioFresh insert that combats any unpleasant odours.

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The benefits of our sanitary waste disposal service

Economic Value

Helps to avoid costly toilet blockages.


We minimise the amount of waste sent to landfill by using waste-to-energy initiatives.

Health and Hygiene

Hygienic disposal of offensive waste eliminates the health risks from cross contamination.


Shows you care for your employees and visitors welfare.


Keeps you compliant with the Workplace Regulations and the Environmental Protection Act.

User Experience

Provides a pleasant-to-use facility.

On Site Servicing

  • The unit always remains on site
  • Less movement means less transport contamination and a more hygienic unit
  • The unit will always look new
  • The environment benefits as we emit less carbon and use less water than unit exchange options
  • You will receive a discreet service

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is sanitary waste?

    Sanitary waste refers to waste created solely by humans. In this context it refers to the waste created by the use of menstrual hygiene products.

  • What is a sanitary bin?

    A sanitary bin is a waste collection unit which holds sanitary waste

  • Is sanitary waste classed as hazardous?

    Sanitary waste is classed as “offensive waste” by the Department of Health. All waste must be properly dealt with to prevent health risks.

  • How often should sanitary bins be emptied?

    Frequencies will vary depending on usage. We offer variable visit frequencies to suit all requirements

  • Are sanitary bins a legal requirement?

    The Waste Management Act 1996, The Waste Management (Amendment) Act 2001 and The Protection of the Environment Act 2003. impose various guidelines on businesses that make sanitary bins correctly.

  • Do workplaces have to provide sanitary products?

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