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myInitial - Digital Hygiene Management

Transparent online reporting tool to save you time

myInitial is an unique online service for our washroom service customers, offering an improvement in the transparency of service that is provided, including signature capture, dates of visits and access to reporting facilities. The aim of this tool is make sure our customers can easily access all there information regarding their account, service and learning materials.

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Key Features

  • Data is captured in real time at point of service
  • Data is available to view immediately
  • Completed and planned service visit details logged 
  • Access via a secure user defined login
  • Customised report function
  • Document download function 

How It Works?

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Benefits of myInitial

  • Economic Value - Free of charge, accessible system saving you time at no extra cost.
  • Environmental - MyInitial is a completely web based application, no paper wastage.
  • Health & Hygiene - Transparency of service reassures you that we protect your hygiene standards by offering the highest levels of service.
  • Image - Reassures you that we protect your hygiene standards by offering the highest levels of service.
  • Legislation - Access to your service history reassures you of your compliance with Workplace Regulations.
  • User Experience - Visibility of your completed services give you peace of mind and reassurance that you are offering the highest level of hygiene.

Digital Hygiene Management

  • My Service - Find out when your next visit is due, as well as the details of your last visit in our new myService area. You can also find out information about your contract with us here. 
  • My Account - Otherwise known as your e-Billing service, here you will find all the information related to your invoices with us. If you are using the same email for both you will automatically be logged in.
  • My Support - mySupport is the best way to answer any questions you might have about your service or your myAccount service. Here you can find answers about where to find different information available to you about you service, or contact us.
  • eBilling - Free and easy to use service that offers password protected email invoices to keep your data safe and reduce paper waste simultaneously.

With the aid of this tool you are able to have better visibility into your hygiene standards which will aid in your compliance with workplace regulations within your washrooms.

How To Register?

If you are not registered for myInitial Online Reporting Tool, please contact your Key Account Manager or customer services for your own unique user login.

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