Hand Hygiene

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Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene is a simple and fundamental way of reducing infectious diseases such as colds and flu being spread by hand contact. Thorough hand washing after using the toilet aids in the reduction and removal of potentially harmful bacteria from the hands.

Hand Hygiene reduces cross contamination among washroom users, in fact hand washing can decrease the bacteria present on hands by up to 80%.

Promoting regular hand hygiene within your business is vital in reducing the level of cross contamination that occurs within your workplace and help to reduce absenteeism. Our hand washing solutions provide a simple and effective means of helping to improve the level of hand hygiene within your workplace. The placement of our versatile wall mounted soap dispenser within your washrooms enables hygiene hand washing to take place.

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Achieve proper hand hygiene in 3 steps

1. Hand Washing

The first step in the hand hygiene process is proper hand washing. Using soap while adhering to our handwashing guide will remove a large amount of pathogens from your hands.

See our range of soap dispensers and take the first step towards better hand hygiene.

2. Hand Drying

Even when you’ve managed to wash away any hand pathogens with soap, you need to remove residual moisture to stop them from reappearing. If you leave the washroom with wet hands then you create a breeding ground for the same pathogens to re-emerge.

Our range of hand drying options spans from traditional roller towel dispenser and paper towel dispenser all the way to ultra-hygienic hand dryers with in-built air filters.

3. Hand Sanitising

Finally, when your hands have been properly washed and dried, apply hand sanitiser for extra protection. This will prevent your hands from quickly becoming a pathogen hotspot.

To cope with the recent unprecedented spike in demand, we have made a number of new additions to our hand sanitiser range. This ensures that we can help to safeguard the nation’s hand hygiene.

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Frequently asked questions

  • When and how to wash your hands?

    Handwashing should be practised in the following instances: 

    • Before, during and after handling and consuming food.
    • After using the toilets.
    • After coughing or sneezing
    • After touching external surfaces.

    Handwashing should be done properly to avoid the spread of germs. Check out the most effective handwashing technique by Initial.

  • How long should you wash your hands?

    It is recommended to wash hands with soap or hand sanitiser for atleast twenty seconds to eliminate bacteria and viruses. One must follow correct handwashing technique to avail the best results from each hand wash.

    Learn the proper handwashing technique from Initial Hygiene Ireland

  • What is best: hand sanitizers or washing with soap?

    Proper handwashing with soap and water is the most effective method to eliminate germs. An alcohol based hand sanitiser is effective and should be used as a substitute to handwashing with soap and water whenever the latter is not available.

  • What is hand hygiene and why is it important?

    Hand hygiene refers to the cleanliness of your hands. It is important because clean hands reduce the risk of illnesses spreading.

  • Does Initial provide soaps or consumable?

    Initial Hygiene is the leader when it comes to hygiene products and services across Ireland. We offer a variety of soaps and consumables that are part of our quality washroom supplies range of products.