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Hand and Surface Sanitiser

Hand and surfaces are two of the most common modes of diseases transmissions. Their cleaning and sanitisation are essential to stay safe and protect your business from infectious illness. 

Initial Hygiene Ireland's dual Hand and Surface Sanitiser offers your business two in one protection by eliminating 99.99% of disease-causing pathogens from both your hands and surfaces. Tested to eliminate germs without being rash on the skin.

The Signature Hand and Surface Sanitiser kills 99.9% of Coronavirus*

*independently tested at 30 seconds contact time against feline Coronavirus, a surrogate virus for Coronavirus.

Benefits of Hand and Surface Sanitiser

Complete Protection

Effective against all enveloped viruses by disinfecting hands and surfaces than can act as reservoirs for infectious microorganisms.

Germ Elimination

Eliminats germs on surfaces and hands to ensure the safety of your staff and visitors.

Fast Action

Fast action results that eliminate 99.9% of Coronavirus in just 30 seconds to reduce the shances of spreading.

No Added Substances

No additional fragrance or dye added taht can cause irritation to the usuers in any way.

Tried & Tested

Clinically proven to be kind to skin without compromising on the effectiveness in eliminating germs from hands and surfaces.

Alcohol Based

Hand and Surface Sanitiser contains 70% alcohol formula that kills upto 99.9% of viruses in seconds.

Locations for Signature Hand and Surface Sanitiser

Washroom Cubicle

Positioning a Signature Hand and Surface Sanitiser in your washroom will allow your users to mitigate the spread of infection. 


Installing our Signature Hand and Surface Sanitiser dispensers gives everyone the means to safely disinfect both their hands and any communal surfaces with which they may come into contact.


Placing Signature Hand and Surface Sanitiser dispensers in key locations, such as next to doors and near any shared desks, will help to prevent costly outbreaks of illnesses at your site.

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