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Fresh Aromatic Scent

Inspired by nature our Fresh Aromatic Range creates a refreshing atmosphere. This range includes Citrus Range, the Fruity Range, the Water Range and the Aromatic Range.

Initial Premium Scent

A Perfect Day

A perfect blend of water, citrus and lavander herbal accord. This scent offers a diffusive masculine signature.

Initial Pemium Scent

Spa Eucalyptus

A delicate balance of water melon and medicinal eucalyptus to offer a therapeutic scent

Initial Premium Scent

Bamboo Wood

Bamboo Wood enhanced with lemon, pear and crisp fruit accents providing the balance to jasmine, muguet, cedar wood, amber and a touch of musk.

Initial Premium Scent

Mint Energy

Peppermint is often used as a performance enhancer in the fitness world if the perfect choice. The aroma is further boosted with maritime pine and American Wintergreen, some fresh Bergamot, touch of green young hazelnut sap, finished with a hint of green apples.