How are we helping our environment?

At Initial, operating sustainably is a central part of our business model. In everything we do, we aim to mitigate our environmental impact.


Both our fixed and loose lay mat ranges have strong environmental credentials.

Our range of fixed Obex matting includes recyclable PVC where applicable, but all of the fibres are made of recycled ECONYL. Made from reclaimed fishing nets, ECONYL reconstitutes post-consumer waste before turning it into useful fibres that keep your floors safe.


Our new soap range has been awarded both the Nordic Swan and EU Ecolabel accreditations. These two certifications mean that our soaps:

  • Don’t contain microplastics
  • Come in recyclable packaging
  • Have a smaller carbon footprint

Sustainable Washroom Supplies

Initial’s sustainable washroom supplies range provides your business with the opportunity to promote the green culture of hygiene through proper hand washing and correct drying. With Bio Tech and Dissolve Tech, our eco-friendly products offer new, technologically-advanced solutions capable of killing bacteria, maintaining clean environment and protecting eco-system.

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Rigid Cardboard Containers

Dental Recycling Facility

Initial Medical’s dental recycling facility follows a number of innovative initiatives to ensure a more environmentally-friendly approach. Sustainability comes first – the facility utilises a minimum amount of natural resources and recovers the maximum amount of raw materials during the recycling process. For example, any water used is processed and fed back into the flushing cycle.

The facility is also heated and cooled by a heating pump that requires no fossil fuels and creates no carbon emissions. This is supported by solar energy gathered from a photovoltaic system installed at the facility.

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