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Washroom & Sanitary Vending

Washroom vending and sanitary vending solutions are an essential consideration for any female washroom. Offering those much needed emergency or necessity washroom vending products is vital in case anybody finds them self unprepared.

A washroom vending machine provides female washrooms users assurance that their well being is being considered about, while enabling you to enhance the complete washroom service that your providing.

Our range of vending machines and extensive selection of washroom vending products provide your business with the opportunity to generate valuable extra revenue for your business.

The washroom vending machines provide your business with the option to offer two, three or nine different products. This presents the opportunity to offer a mix of tampons and sanitary towels as well as other washroom vending products such as tights, deodorants, tissues and lip balm to your female washroom users.

Constructed with a robust vandal resistant casing, our washroom vending machine range suits any washroom d├ęcor, and ensure products and revenue remain safe and secure.

Washroom Vending & Sanitary Products

Our expansive range of washroom vending products and machines enable us to provide your business with a bespoke washroom vending solution tailored to suit the specific needs of your washroom and budget. With the option to have a fully managed solution which is maintained by our team of nationwide service representatives, you can ensure a consistent and reliable vending service is constantly provided to your washroom users.

  • Always with Wings x 2 (2 Normal) Sanitary Towels
  • Always with Wings x 2 (1 Long / 1 Normal) Sanitary Towels
  • Kotex Maxi x 1 Sanitary Towel
  • Lil Lets non applicator Tampon
  • Lil Lets 2' Regalur Tampon with Applicator
  • Tampax Super Tampon X 3 with Applicator
  • Tampax Mini Tampon
  • Aristoc Tights - With Lycra (Black / 15 Denier)
  • Aristoc Tights - With Lycra (Natural / 15 Denier)
  • Aristoc Tights - With Lycra (Vaguely Black / 15 Denier)
  • Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues (7 Tissues )
  • Nivea Shower Gel
  • Dove Shampoo
  • Vaseline Rosy Lips
  • Nivea Pearl & Beauty Deodorant 35ml
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Sanitary Solutions