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Nappy Vending Solutions

Nappy Vending Solutions

Our nappy vending solution can offer a new dimension to your washroom or baby changing area, with a convenient and easy way to offer those vital baby changing essentials to those in need. With eye catching graphics that brighten up your baby changing area, this nappy vending machine ensures parents are never caught short.

This nappy vending solution allows you to offer a selection of branded baby changing products that cater for the whole baby change.

Parents and carers often revisit and share the location of clean, well maintained baby changing areas. By providing this range of nappy vending products you can further enhance your baby changing area helping to increase the potential for purchases.

Nappy Vending Features

  • Attractive, colourful graphics
  • Up to 5 product refills available, catering for the whole baby change
  • Consistent reliable vending
  • Dimensions: 260mm W, 230mm D, 1000mm H

Machine Build

Our nappy vending machine is constructed from a robust and secure outer casing that will prevent vandalism and theft. The build of this machine directly ensures that there is a consistent and reliable vending solution provided.

Nappy Vending Products

  • Huggies Large Nappies Plus 2 Wipes
  • Huggies Small Nappies Plus 2 Wipes
  • Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream
  • Wet Ones Travel Sensitive Wipes
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