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Vending Machine Range

Initial’s vending machine range provides your business with the opportunity to offer a wide selection of branded convenience products to your washroom users. With a vending machine range consisting of a dual, triple and multi vend option which can then be customised to cater for all types of washroom whether male, female, unisex, and open or closed to the public.

The vending machines we offer are coin operated and require no mains power which allows for greater flexibility in installation and positioning within the washroom. As a vending machine service provider for several years, our extensive knowledge has allowed us to develop a unique awareness to our different customers’ needs in order to maximise practicality, you users’ needs and cash generation within for your business.

Dual Vend Vending Machine

For Washrooms that require practical design but are limited when it comes to space.

  • Dispenses 2 products from a choice of 40 well known branded refills
  • Reliable, touch free vending prevents vandalism and is more hygienic
  • Slim and compact, ideal for washrooms which are tight for space
  • Dimensions: 360mm W, 100mm D, 705mm H

Multi Vend Vending Machine

The ideal vending machine for washrooms used by the public or by people with many different requirements.

  • Dispenses up to 9 products from a choice of over 40 well known branded refills
  • Accepts a wide variety of coins
  • Award-winning design
  • Consistent reliable vending
  • High security casings / alarms available
  • Fully self adjustable product shelves / interchangeable products
  • Dimensions: 360mm W, 230mm D, 1000mm H

1890 300 500