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Condom Vending Machine

Essential Condom Vending Solution

Condom machine vending solutions ensure that your washroom users are never without the essentials, helping to cater for those users who might be unprepared.

Installing a condom machine within your washroom can add valuable revenue to your business. Our extensive range of branded condom vending products also ensure brand recognition and trust is established. This helps to further entice a potential purchase and maximise an otherwise missed opportunity.

Machine Build

With a strong, robust and secure build, our condom vending machine range are built to a high standard thus ensuring they are able to withstand the demanding environments within clubs and bars, whilst still providing a consistent vending service.

Condom Vending Products

Initial Vending Solutions can supply a wide range of branded condom machine products that are specifically designed to suit our condom machines. These products include various types of condoms, deodorants, shower gels, toothpaste, mints and plasters.

  • TicTac Fresh Mints
  • Lynx Shower Gel
  • Lynx Body Bullet Deodorant
  • Mates natural condoms
  • Mates variety condoms
  • Mates Xtra Pleasure ribbed condoms
1890 300 500
Condom Vending Machine