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Sustainable Washroom Supplies

Initial’s sustainable washroom supplies range provides your business with the opportunity to promote the green culture of hygiene through proper hand washing and correct drying. With Bio Tech and Dissolve Tech, our eco-friendly products offer new, technologically-advanced solutions capable of killing bacteria, maintaining clean environment and protecting eco-system.

Thanks to persistent R&D and innovative production process, our sustainable washroom supplies can help your business achieve your sustainable development goals such as: clean water and sanitation, good health and well-being, responsible consumption and production, climate action and life on land.

Dissolve Tech Washroom Supplies

Every year, more than 50% of companies frequently suffer problems and consequences associated with pipe blockages. Dissolve Tech can reduce the problem of blockages with a range of sustainable products that leverage a very high flushability which ensures that the tissue offers excellent performance during use and dissolves quickly in contact with water.

  • Respects the environment
  • Dissolves in contact with water
  • Permanent like conventional tissue
  • Reduces the cost in use
  • 30% guaranteed savings
  • EU Ecolabel

Bio Tech Washroom Supplies

The Bio Tech range is made up by paper with added non-GMO bacteria spores which, when activated upon contact with water, release enzymes capable of degrading the organic substances present in waste water and pipes. Bio Tech products are able to keep plants in good working order, reducing the risk of cloggings and odours.

  • Respects the environment
  • Reduces clogs
  • Reduces odours
  • Reduces the cost in use
  • EU Ecolabel

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