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Washroom Supplies

Essential Supplies for Washrooms

Your washroom is more than a washroom. It’s a window into your organisation and reflects the care and concern for your staff and your customers.

Keeping your washroom pristine and well stocked with quality products shows that you care.

We supply a wide range of high quality consumable items for your washroom. Ordering is simple. To make sure your washroom is replenished with the leading brands at the most competitive prices, please phone for more details.

Toilet Tissue

Providing a hygienic, regular supply of quality toilet paper is the fundamental requirement of any washroom. That’s why Initial Hygiene offer a wide variety of tissue, from the ultimate velvet luxury to green recycled.

Hand Drying and Paper Products

Microbiological studies have proven that using paper towels for drying hands after washing them can significantly help with the removal of residual contamination. That’s why our range of paper towels is designed to give unrivalled absorption and excellent hygiene.

Hand Care

Infectious diseases such as colds and flu are often spread by hand contact, so hand washing is particularly important for the removal of contamination. With everything from luxury cleansing to hypoallergenic soaps, we’ve got hand washing covered.

Infant Essentials

For parents out and about with babies or young children, the provision of well-equipped infant changing facilities is vital. Initial Washroom Solutions provide a range of changing options suitable for male, female or dedicated infant changing rooms.

Bags, Sacks, Cloths and Cleaners

Under the Duty of Care, provision must be made in all public places for the disposal of sanitary waste. Our range of bags and sacks are specifically designed to make the disposal of waste as pleasant and efficient as possible.

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