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Surface Hygiene

Surface Hygiene - UltraProtect

A hygiene revolution for hands and surfaces, our range of UltraProtect sanitising solutions are powerful, gentle and long lasting. The alcohol free solution offers residual protection on the surface, continuing to kill bacteria up to 24hrs after use.

UltraProtect™ has equal germ killing power to alcohol based sanitizers yet is far gentler on skin. UltraProtect™ guards against a wide range of germs including Norovirus, MRSA and Swine Flu. The revolutionary germ-beating technology destroys germs, pulling them apart, and then forms an invisible barrier protecting the surface.

The UltraProtect™ range of hygiene products provides a simple way for your business to immediately achieve an increase in hygiene standards, helping to protect your employees and customers from infections.  Also available as a hand sanitiser.

1890 300 500