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No Touch Soap Dispenser

A robust, reliable and hygienic method of hand washing is essential for combating the spread of germs. Initial Hygiene's wall or stand mounted auto soap dispenser is a must for any washroom enabling you to easily promote good hand hygiene practice, helping in the reduction of employee absenteeism.

The sleek design of the Signature no touch automatic soap dispenser is inviting and easy to use and the intelligent sensor system can provide the ultimate level of hygiene.

The auto signature soap dispenser has a 1 litre capacity and provides your washroom with up to 1000 shots of liquid and 1600 shots of foam before a refill is required. This long lasting capacity and choice of Initial’s washroom service levels, we can ensure a constant level of service is offered to your visitors.

Soap is dispensed with no touch operation, through placing your hand at the bottom of the dispenser making it easy to operate as well as offering the highest level of hygiene - this eliminates the need for contact.

The robust construction of the soap dispenser reduces the risk of vandalism or it being ripped from the wall. The lockable cover prevents theft and ensures the soap contained within cannot be tampered with.

The no touch soap dispenser is installed by an Initial representative and a service agreement for soap replenishment is available. A variety of environmentally friendly soap options are available, including options for those with sensitive skin.

Sensor activated to provide a no touch dispensing solution

Smooth, sleek surface is specifically designed to enhance hygiene standards

1 litre capacity dispenses 1000 shots of liquid and 1600 shots of foam

Seamless, sleek design helps prevent the build up of dirt and bacteria build up

Viewing window enables quick and easy checking of hand soap level

Compact design makes it suitable for all types of washroom environments

Tested to last over 6 years, 250,000 shots in a standard environment


  • 1 litre


  • Height 280mm 
  • Width 130mm 
  • Depth 120mm


  • 700g 


  • 4 C cell batteries (50,000 operations)

A range of liquid and foam soap, and hair and body wash refills are available, including antibacterial, environmentally friendly, and sensitive soaps for sensitive skin.

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The No-Touch Signature soap dispenser is available in the following service agreements:

Full Service

Contractual Refills


Equipment Rental

Regular servicing from trained staff

Lifetime guarantee on equipment

Total peace of mind



Equipment Rental


Lifetime guarantee on equipment

1890 300 500
  • Protection

    No touch Soap dispenser eliminates the need for contact with the dispenser
  • Design

    No touch, automatic operation improves hygiene and ease of use
  • Quality

    Solid, durable construction ensures reliability in busy washroom environments
  • Service

    Soap refilled by an Initial Service technician
  • Consumables

    Range of environmentally friendly soaps available