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Machflow Hand Dryer

Energy efficiency at an affordable price

The Machflow hand dryer provides your washroom with a cost effective and energy efficient hand drying solution.

Utilising cold air to dry hands it uses up to 80% less energy than a traditional warm air dryer, enabling you to achieve a significant reduction in your energy costs.

With the ability to dry hands in 8 – 12 seconds and a robust stainless steel construction the Machflow hand dryer is an ideal solution for high traffic washrooms, where eliminating queues is essential. It’s slim and compact designs also make it suitable for even the smallest washroom environment.

Available in three different finishes from Initial Hygiene and with a quieter operation than other high speed hand dryers the Machflow hand dryer offers a less intrusive and disruptive option for your washroom environment.

Dries hands in 8-12 seconds so saves time and money

Energy efficient, uses up to 80% less electricity than a traditional warm air dryer

Slim and compact design that doesn’t take up valuable space

Robust unit with anti-vandalism features so stays looking good in almost any environment

Quieter than other high speed dryers so less noise carries from the washroom into other areas

Available in White, Black, Satin Stainless Steel and Polished Stainless Steel

Casing Material

  • Stainless Steel

Machine Dimensions

  • Height 326mm
  • Width 213mm
  • Depth 170mm

Motor Type

  • High speed, vacuum universal brush motor
  • Air Speed - 325km/h


  • 4.7kg


  • 1.15kw/h

International Protection Rating

  • IP23


Equipment rental

Regular servicing from trained staff

Lifetime guarantee on equipment*

Total peace of mind

*All mechanical and technical faults are covered

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  • Protection

    Fast drying time and use of cold air reduces bacterial multiplication in air flow for more hygienic drying
  • Design

    Energy efficient, uses up to 80% less electricity than a traditional warm air dryer
  • Quality

    Robust stainless steel construction makes it an ideal solution for high traffic washrooms.
  • Service

    Full installation and on going maintenance provided.