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Baby Changing Facilities

Changing Table

The vertical ‘Compact’ baby changing table has been designed to address the dual problem of providing a safe, hygienic, ergonomically sound facility, whilst occupying the least wall space possible by positioning the baby at right angles to the wall. This has resulted with the vertical table requiring only 490mm of wall space.

Changing table from Initial Ireland

Safety Features:

  • Large radii on projecting surfaces to avoid the risk of bruising.
  • Specially shaped table end - allowing the limbs of larger babies to safely project beyond the table, free from dangerous protrusions.
  • Totally enclosed hinge mechanism - end stops cannot form finger traps.
  • Integral torsion springs ensure controlled lowering - table cannot accidentally drop and hit an adjacent child.
  • Permanently fitted safety belt with a tamper proof snap fit closure to BS 6684 1989.


  • Unique rotary urine seals completely protect the only external moving parts.
  • 100% foam filled mouldings - avoiding bacteria voids.
  • All mouldings are shaped to be easily cleaned, and are impervious to proprietary cleaners and sanitisers.
  • All materials are fully compliant with the EN 71 part 3 Toxicity regulations.


  • Integral pressed steel chassis are embedded in both the table and hinge mouldings, which when bolted to the injection moulded wall plates achieve a weight loading in excess of 100kg.
  • Supplied with all wall fixings for either conventional timber stud,or masonry walls.
  • The table moulding is in a tough high-density Polypropylene, with integral foam core from fully polished tooling ensuring a smooth, easily cleaned, rigid structure.
  • Hinge blocks in a soft finish Polyurethane housing a pressed steel chassis for additional protection.
1890 300 500