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Specialist Disinfection Service

All-Purpose Disinfection Services

Coronavirus and other pathogens can pose a serious health risk to your visitors, employees and business. Pathogens spread easily throughout a property, via body fluids, cross-contamination between people and surfaces. Infections can occur through contact with skin-especially through touching other infected surfaces, breathing airborne viral pathogens or by consumption of contaminated food and water.

Rentokil Initial’s disinfection service using specially formulated micro emulsion eliminates disease-causing organisms that may be lurking around your business premises.

Internal and External Disinfection Services

Our experienced technicians will apply the appropriate PPE and RPE before using ULV disinfection fogging to disinfect your premises. This allows for large areas to be treated quickly and efficiently, as the extremely small droplets of the disinfectant fog settle underneath, on top of and on the sides of many objects and inaccessible areas. There is also the option for our technicians to carry out manual targeted touchpoint cleaning, which can include the cleaning of door handles, light switches and kitchen surfaces, using a high-level disinfectant.If there are no confirmed or suspected cases of Covid-19 on your site, we can carry out a specialist disinfection service to help protect against microbial infection, and to help you maintain a high level of hygiene in your premises.

Benefits to your business

  • Ideal advance preparation for re-opening your office or business premises when restrictions allow
  • Protect your staff against the spread of infection
  • Safe & Effective precautionary and disinfection service at your business premises.
  • Peace of mind: assurance that your business is safe from Coronavirus and other viruses
  • Help prevent cross-contamination
  • Essential PPE, RPE and specialist disinfection equipment
  • Safe, legally compliant, fully traceable waste disposal
  • Available to contact 24/7
  • Nationwide coverage

Speak to one of our consultants today to discuss our Specialist Disinfection options. Call 1890 300 500 or contact us online.

Vehicle Disinfection Services

Our qualified technicians are equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment, respiratory protective equipment and specialist disinfection equipment to work safely and effectively. Our vehicle disinfection service is professional and legally compliant. Treatment can provide residual protection and biosecurity reassurance between cleans. Our vehicle disinfection includes drive-through and off-site options.

Process of Vehicle Disinfection services

  • Internal Touchpoint Clean
  • External Touchpoint Clean
  • Spraying/Fogging of Internal Passenger Cabin
  • Wipe Leather & Plastic
  • Spray and Wipe Rear Cab (Vans Only)

What Industry Types We Can Support?

  • Commercial Fleets
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Local Authority Vehicles
  • Utility Service Vehicles
  • Transport and Logistic Vehicles

Speak to one of our consultants today to discuss our Specialist Disinfection options. Call 1890 300 500 or contact us online.

1890 300 500