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Effective cleaning & restoration

Rentoblast is the term that encompasses a variety of abrasives used within a blasting system. This method of removal is quick, professional and effective, making use of non abrasive materials.

Rentoblast key features :

  • Operationally safe and will not damage glass or chrome
  • Eco friendly, non-toxic and non hazardous to the environment
  • Fire Damage Removal, Structural Cleaning (including monuments) and Paint/Graffiti removal
  • Can be used on glass, wood, metal, brick and most stone surfaces (including soft stone, such as limestone, which would be eroded by acidic cleaner)

Before After Graffiti

In choosing the correct abrasive for removal and taking into account the hardness rating and the surrounding environment of the job, we can work with a wide range of surfaces and substances.

Using Rentoblast, we can remove pollutants such as fire damage, paint and graffiti from a surface using compressed air and a blasting pot which is filled with an eco-friendly abrasive.

We can clean and restore a wide variety of different substances, including; glass, wood, metal, brick and most stone surfaces, including limestone and soft stones.

1890 300 500
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