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Woody Scents

Our Woody family of fragrances are bold, mature and warm in nature. They can be used effectively to create a sophisticated, masculine mood.

Initial Premium Scent

Blue Wood

Crisp green apple notes enhance and brighten the white floral notes of jasmine, lotus flower and magnolia, building to a sensuous blend of sandalwood, cedar wood, oakmoss, patchouli and smokiness of gaiacwood.

Initial Premium Scent

Boutique Noir

The best way to describe this pepper infused mango combined with the aroma of leather would be edgy and chic. This makes this fragrance warm and slightly industrial making it the perfect fit for hotels or facilities trying to add warmth to modern design.

Initial Premium Scent

Leather Smooth

The amazing mix of soft leather, zesty mandarin, white tea and bergamot infused with distinct notes of freesia and orange blossom, and veering to enchanting amber, musk, and oak moss.

Initial Premium Scent

Oudh Aura

The mysterious scent of Oudh (Agarwood) infused with other exotic wood extracts and a sliver of Bergamot, Saffron and Bulgarian Rose for freshness a touch of Patchouli, Moss and Sandalwood for a sensual back.

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Invigorating and slightly minty note of patchouli is balanced by warm sandalwood and sweet vanilla.

Initial Ireland Scent

Wood Blonde

Soft blond woods, Birch wood and young leaves, Sun-dried Driftwood, Blond Orris roots, Creamy Australian Sandalwood.

Initial Irleland Premium Scent


This scent is a mixture of fresh evergreens and crisp pine needles, hints of newly blossomed herbs of sage and thyme. It will remind you of the spring time walk through the woods. Pine and Thyme notes work well together to clear the mind and sharpen focus. Sage notes are uplifting and relieve depression. Perfect for almost any location!