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Fresh Fruity Scents

Fruity fragrances by Initial include peach, apple,pear,plus and apricot which are known for their bright, uplifting and often youthful properties.

Initial Fresh Water Ireland

Fresh Water

Cool marine scent of aloe with dewy green notes. A green floral note of muguet rounds out this smooth and comforting fragrance. Muguet (or Lily of the Valley) evokes springtime which makes this fragrance smell fresh and intoxicating. Aloe vera is a common medicinal oil. Though its benefits are generally topical, the aroma is soothing and familiar.

Initial Mojito Scent Ireland


Inspired by the classic beverage this scent is the mixture of fresh mint and lime. The combination of citrus and mint stimulates the mind, increases energy and makes you more alert.

Initial Premium Scent Ireland


Natural and earthy lemongrass notes combine with a floral accord of bright peony and lotus blossom. Subtle hints of clary sage and sandalwood add warmth to this complex yet soothing fragrance. Contains essential oil of lemongrass and clary sage. Lemongrass oil has been used for centuries to combat depression and relieve stress. Sage notes clear the mind, are uplifting, and relieve depression. Sandalwood relaxes brain waves and is used to reduce anxiety.

Initial Premium Scent Ireland

Pomegranate Fusion

Ripe Pomegranate infused with lemon, lime and mandarin with a dash of ginger to add warmth.

Initial Scent Ireland

Verbena Tea

A refreshing mix of lemon,aromatic bergamot and white tea with hints of freesia and soft musk.