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The perfect scent match for your brand

At Initial, we are able to provide our customers with a wide range of different scents to suit a number of locations, business types and uses. Our scent specialists will discuss your goals and objectives and analyse the best scents to match. We have a large number of scents available, and can even design a scent just for you (subject to quantity/commitment). Speak to one of our consultants today to find out more about our complete scent range, or take a look at a few examples from our ranges below.

Once we have agreed the objectives of scenting for you, we can proceed to trial (you simply pay for usage) to measure the impact of the scent on your objectives.

Fresh Scents

Our fresh fragrances are inspired by the natural world, creating a refreshing, organic atmosphere. The fresh family of fragrances include the Citrus Range, the Fruity Range, the Water Range and the Aromatic Range.

Cucumber Mint

Cucumber MintAn aromatic blend of watery cucumber and fresh mint leaves complimented by a fruity melon accord with water lily and jasmine. Studies show that cucumber fragrances make the space seem larger and more open. Perfect for facilities wanting to create an uplifting, clean and modern ambience like commercial office buildings, doctor’s offices, or hotels.

Lemongrass Ginger

Lemongrass GingerWatery, citrus and fresh green aldehydic notes enhance the lavender herbal accord providing this Aromatic blend with its rich diffusive masculine signature. A vibrant blend providing the sparkling freshness of ginger and mandarin balanced with lemongrass, verbena and a hint of warm spice.

Citrus Splash

Citrus SplashA refreshing and ozonic citrus fragrance with notes of mandarin orange and zesty lemon. Subtle fruity undertones of green apple and juicy pear add an uplifting quality. Citrus fragrances are stimulating and best for high-energy environments. Orange notes reduce anxiety and are considered uplifting. Hypoallergenic*


MojitoBased on the fashionable beverage, this scent contains the refreshing notes of key lime and crushed mint leaves, creating an effervescent and intoxicating atmosphere. The combination of citrus and mint stimulates the mind, increases energy and makes you more alert.

Fresh Clean

Fresh CleanThe smell of fresh air, tinged with sweet orange and honeysuckle. This simple fragrance is bright and refreshing, and creates a clean and crisp atmosphere. Strong odour neutraliser with a light scent. Orange notes reduce anxiety and are considered uplifting.

Lemon Verbena

Lemon VerbenaFresh verbena leaves with zesty lemon and the added earthy notes of lemongrass and geranium create this bright and uplifting atmosphere. Sparkling and squeaky clean.

Gourmand Scents

The Gourmand range of scents are comfortable, friendly and warm. They include Cappuccino, Chocolate Chip Cookie and Iced Pina Colada.


CappuccinoIndulge yourself in the warm aroma of Cappuccino! A coffee with frothy milk and a dash of brown sugar and chocolate.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Chip CookieIndulge yourself with the aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Notes of semi-sweet chocolate chips, warm vanilla, and crispy baked dough will make everyone’s mouth water!

Iced Pina Colada

Iced Pina ColadaThe classic combination of juicy pineapple and creamy coconut is modernized with fruity notes of sweet peach, papaya and passion fruit puree. Sunny and fun…like a vacation!

Oriental Scents

The Oriental Range, Woody Range and the Floral Oriental Range make up our Oriental family of fragrances. Exotic and spicy, there fragrances create an intoxicating, heady environment.

Refreshing Lavender

Refreshing LavenderThe essences of French lavender, bergamot and clary sage blend to create a calming and peaceful environment. Lavender is widely known used for its relaxing aroma-therapeutic benefits. A Duke University study measured brain waves and found that the smell of lavender relaxed participants as much as getting a massage.

Floral Scents

Our Floral fragrances range from delicate and subtle to heady and powerful. Refreshing, clean and crisp, these fragrances are perfect for a wide range of environments.

Fresh Cotton

Fresh CottonThe smell of freshly laundered linen with subtle hints of almond. Clean, soft, soothing. Almond notes are very popular, rejuvenating, and gourmand-like which makes this fragrance homey and comforting.

Ginger Lily

Ginger LilyKnown as the "garland flower" and popular for its sweet and enchanting smell, Ginger Lily has its roots in the tropical regions of Asia. It is often called upon to refresh and renew. Wet dew, White Champaca and Laelia Orchid blossoms round out this delightful fragrance.

Lotus Flower

Lotus FlowerA refreshingly clean bouquet of lotus blossoms, delicate muguet, and green ivy over hints of cedar and moss. Infuse calmness into your environment with this lush, water lily scent.

Woody Scents

Our Woody family of fragrances is bold, mature and warm in nature. They can be used effectively to create a sophisticated, masculine mood.


PatchouliInvigorating and slightly minty note of patchouli is balanced by warm sandalwood and sweet vanilla.

Seasonal Scents

Our seasonal family of fragrances includes fragrances that defy standard categorisation. Their great strength is in creating a specific or unusual atmosphere.

Christmas Tree

Christmas TreeNothing evokes the festive season like the invigorating smell of an authentic white pine and birch.

Mulled Spices

Mulled SpicesWarm apple cider spiced with cinnamon, clove, and whole peppercorns. Topped off with a subtle hint of orange peel to create this cozy and nostalgic aroma.

Sweet Cinnamon

Sweet CinnamonSweet Cinnamon.