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Premium Scenting

Scenting for Shopping Centres

Improving Sales with Scenting

We work with independent retailers and global chains around the world, from Hong Kong and Singapore, from USA to UK, and all over Europe to increase sales and build brand awareness.

Increasing Dwell Time

Retailers and casinos can increase spend just by improving your customer’s pleasure in the environment. Scent can help you do this by increasing dwell time and increasing sales.

For large retail chains, we recommend providing a service to a small percentage of your stores. Our clients measure dwell time, average order value, and turnover. After the business case is proven and the Return on Investment is evident, our retail clients roll out scenting to their entire portfolio.

Scenting for Shopping Centres

Scenting for retail environments

We are working with large shopping centres in the USA, Spain, France and UK to assist them in building the customer experience, and creating a space to attract top brands as tenants. Generally, they choose a scent that creates a feeling of cleanliness, quality and relaxation.

Research by some of our airport operators has shown that they get better customer feedback when something smells clean, rather than just looking clean.

Scent areas that will create the most impact

Scenting in shopping centres

1. Main Entrance Area

Create an immediate impression and welcome customers in

2. Premium Retailer Area

Attract premium brands by giving them special attention

3. Restrooms

Eliminate malodours, which can persist outside restrooms, creating a negative impression

4. Store Entrance

Entice customers into the store by diffusing scent outwards into the concourse

5. Shop Area

Make customers feel at ease: increase dwell time and spend

6. Changing Rooms

The penultimate decision-making area, which should always be scented to influence a positive decision

7. Cash Desks

Ease the frustration of a queue and avoid customers abandoning a purchase at the last minute

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