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Premium Scenting

Scenting in Hotels Casinos and Gyms

Scenting in hotels

Create immediate impact with scenting in your foyer and continue the impression through the bedroom corridors.

Our hotel customer use scenting to create a memorable experience. Customer feedback scores on Trip Advisor have increased immediately on installation of our scenting solution.

Conference suites and function rooms bring vital income, but you may have to show them to prospective clients when they are either empty, or arranged for a non-relevant event. By diffusing Premium Scenting into the room, you can create the correct ambiance to help the customer decide on your venue, as opposed to that of a competitor.

In gyms with ambient scenting, it’s been proven that gym users feel they have had a better work out, enjoy it more, and feel fitter!

PremiumScenting The Hotel, Brussels Case Study

The Premium Scenting Experience - The General Manager of The Hotel, Brussels tells his Premium Scenting story

Scent areas that will create the most impact

Hotel Floorplan

1. Foyer

Create a warm welcome for your guests as they arrive at the hotel, casino or gym. If you have queues at check-in and check-out, we can increase scenting levels automatically to impact their waiting experience more positively

2. Elevators

We lightly scent the elevator areas so that the experience guests received in the Foyer extends towards the bedrooms

3. Corridors

Lingering smells of tobacco, food and bodies risk damaging the guest experience

4. Casinos / Gaming

It's been proven that people spend more at the casino (drinks and casino drop) in an appropriately scented area

5. Staff areas

Appropriately scented areas help your staff relax and make them feel valued

6. Function / Meeting Rooms

Use scenting to create a warm feeling whilst you show prospective wedding parties / business conferences round. Your conversion rate from viewings to bookings will increase

7. Bars and Restaurants

We often use a distinct smell outside your bars / restaurants to encourage guests to make more use of them... the smell of cappuccino or chocolate chip cookie encourages additional spend

8. Guest Bedrooms

Housekeepers use mobile units to scent thr rooms as they clean, leaving a pleasant fragrance for incoming guests. Units installed in guests bedrooms create a permanant unique experience

9. Sports Facilities

The smell of peppermint makes the experience of exercise more enjoyable, and also makes guests feel they have had a better workout

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