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Sharps Disposal

Sharps Disposal

Safely dispose of sharps waste

The safe management and disposal of sharps waste is vital to ensure the risks associated with handling sharps are eliminated and to ensure compliance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations.

The disposal of sharps waste is determined by the medicinal contamination. This contamination determines the colour of disposal bin required for the type of sharps waste that is being disposed of.

What items are classed as 'sharps'?

  • Syringes
  • Hypodermic needles
  • Scalpels
  • Razors and razor blades
  • Phials
  • Pipettes
  • Test tubes
  • Glass (broken or intact)

To ensure compliance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations the correct segregation, storage and disposal of sharps waste is essential. The Health Technical Memorandum 07-01: Safe Management of Healthcare Waste sets out guidelines on the safe and legal disposal of sharps waste using a colour coded scheme.

Initial's Sharp Disposal Services

Injuries caused by sharps waste can pose a serious threat to the health and well being of anyone handling sharps due to the exposure to blood borne viruses.

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We provide a range of UN approved colour coded sharps disposal bins and a waste collection service that allows you to safely and legally dispose of all medical sharps paraphernalia; including hypodermic syringes and scalpels.

Working with you, we can help identify the type and frequency of sharps waste that is to be disposed of, enabling us to tailor a solution to suit your individual requirements.