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Dental Waste Containers

Reliable dental waste containers for safe dental waste disposal

It is essential that all waste produced within the Dental Practice is placed into its correct container for disposal. We have a wide range of UN-approved containers specifically designed for each dental waste stream. The mercury vapour suppressant, and quantity present, has been specifically placed inside the unit to protect anyone opening the container from the poisonous effects of the mercury inside. Mercury vapour is colourless, odourless and tasteless so it is not possible to determine the level of exposure.

Amalgam Guard

For waste amalgam (contains up to 50% mercury which will readily produce the poisonous vapour). This container can also be used for metal waste such as matrix bands.

• 1 size: 500mL

Cap Guard

For spent amalgam capsules and small plastic disposable items such as dappens dishes and carrier tips.

• 4 sizes: 300, 1000, 2400, 5000 capsules

Sludge Drum

For aspirated amalgam and biological waste from traps and filters. The contents should be treated with the disinfectant / deodoriser product supplied with it. The Sludge Drum can also be used for the safe storage and transport of used collector cups.

• 3 sizes: 6.4L, 15L, 25L


For amalgam filled extractions only. The contents should be treated with the disinfectant/deodoriser product supplied with it.

• 1 size: 2L

Bridges and Crowns box

For metal bridges and crowns.

• 1 size: 500mL

X-ray package

For spent x-ray chemicals and lead foils.
Fixer/Developer containers:

• 2 sizes: 10L, 20L

Lead Foils

• 1 size: 2000ml

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