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Amalgam Separation

Dental practices should now have amalgam separation fitted to protect the environment from the hazards of mercury

Under EU directive (91/689/EEC), dental practices should have means of amalgam separation fitted to their suction pumps. This is to prevent amalgam particulate (which can contain up to 50% mercury) from exiting with the waste water.

Initial’s innovative sedimentation separator effectively removes 98% dental amalgam waste

We can now offer our own innovative sedimentation separator, the Amalsed, which has been developed in our Dental Technical Centre in Bielefeld, Germany. The Amalsed® is DIN EN ISO 11143 certified and will effectively remove 98% amalgam particulate from the waste water by the process of sedimentation. The Amalsed® is silent in operation and requires minimal surgery downtime during replacement

In addition, we are able to supply a range of collector cups and rotors.

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amalgam separation