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Medical services

Clinical Waste Bins

Initial offers a wide range of clinical waste bins that meet every hazardous waste requirement

Initial medical services offer a wide range of robust clinical waste bins all fully compliant with the regulatory requirements. We have a selection of sizes and shapes to meet just about every application.

Wheeled Clinical Waste Bin

For customers with larger disposal requirements, we offer customers large wheelie bins for the safe, external storage of your clinical waste.

  • 2 sizes: 360L, 770L
  • UN Approved
  • Fully lockable (secure for outside location)
  • Yellow colour for visibility (also avoids confusion)

Metal Hazardous Waste Pedal Bin

For internal storage of yellow bags, providing additional health and safety protection for members of staff.

  • Choice of two sizes
  • Colour coded stainless steel, fire and pierce resistant
  • Improved sanitisation by hands free access to bin by use of a pedal
  • Reduced risk of cross contamination

UN Approved Cardboard Bin

Cost-effective disposal option for soft, clinical waste. Plastic-lined to ensure security of waste.

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Clinical waste wheelie bin Metal Hazardous Waste Pedal Bin