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Clinical Waste

Initial’s clinical waste solutions ensures that your hazardous waste removal is done according to regulations

Initial Medical Services’ extensive experience in hazardous waste disposal will reassure that you have fulfilled all obligations placed upon you by legislation.

Our clinical waste removal comes in many forms. How each type of clinical waste is handled is clearly defined by regulations. With our extensive knowledge of the regulations that are applicable in Ireland, we have developed a range of hazardous waste solutions specifically to meet your needs.

What is Clinical Waste?

Clinical waste, or more formally described as “healthcare risk waste” is defined in the guidelines from the Department of Health & Children (April 2004), as “any waste either solid or liquid, because of its contact with patient care, may create a risk to the public unless properly packaged, transported and disposed in line with such Guidelines”.

Waste that potentially creates a risk to the public unless it is properly segregated and disposed of

  • Clinical
  • Biological (recognised anatomical waste)
  • Infectious
  • Chemical, toxic or pharmaceutical (including cytotoxins)
  • Sharps (e.g. needles, scalpels, sharp broken materials)

Waste that does not pose a risk to health

Categories of Healthcare Risk Waste & Segregation of Clinical Waste

Proper segregation of different types of clinical waste is critical for its safe disposal. Initial’s clinical waste disposal service ensures that all waste collected is correctly segregated and disposed of. Under the Waste Management Act 1996, the primary responsibility for the waste and its proper disposal is placed on the producer or the holder of the waste.

Healthcare risk waste is sub-divided into potentially infectious and non-risk waste and details are defined in the Department of Health & Children (2004) guidelines.

A C1 form (consignment document) is required by law when transporting hazardous waste from one facility/location to another within Ireland.

  • General: items soiled with blood or potentially infectious body fluids
  • Laboratory: potentially infectious pathology waste or microbiology cultures, chemical waste, contaminated glassware and other materials
  • Sharps: items used for the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of illness that is likely to cause puncture or cut to the skin
  • Toxic: discarded hazardous chemicals, reagents or medicines (pharmaceutical waste), dental amalgam waste
  • Medical equipment: not contaminated with blood or hazardous body fluids
  • Potentially offensive material: assessed as non-infectious e.g. nappies or incontinent

We can help you find and implement the optimum hazardous waste disposal procedure no mater how much offensive waste or hazardous waste you produce.

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