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Clinical Waste Bags & Ties

Initial’s range of clinical waste bags and clinical waste bag ties are easy to identify and use

With your safety in mind, Initial medical services offer the best clinical waste bags and tags in the market. Our bags are fully field-tested and proven to be easy to use, reliable and safe.

Yellow clinical waste bags

Colour coded yellow bags must be used for the storage of soft clinical waste contaminated with infectious or potential infectious blood or bodily fluids. To comply with the regulations, these bags must be UN approved.

  • Capacity: 12kg
  • Yellow colour coded for clinical waste recognition
  • Accredited to UN3291
  • Bags must be securely sealed with tags when 2/3 full - max weight 12kg

Coded bag ties

In order to comply with the ‘cradle to grave’ traceability and responsibilities, all clinical waste bags must be sealed and tagged with a uniquely identifiable numerical number. We can offer you the solution with these easy-to-use ties/ tags.

  • Embossed to ensure no smears
  • Bags sealed in line with UN specification
  • Reliable
  • Ties are delivered with the bags; extra ties are available for a small nominal fee
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Yellow Bag for hazardous waste Bag Ties