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Sectors and Markets

Our extensive clinical waste management experience allows us to understand the needs of various markets and sectors

Initial Medical Services has valuable experience providing healthcare risk waste management to a wide range of markets. We understand the unique needs of each and have developed our services to provide the optimum solution in every case. Initial Medical Services will work with you to ensure that your hazardous waste disposal is carried out when you want it and with the correct paperwork in place.

Read about the various sectors below for highlights of the clinical waste management services that we can provide:

Dental Practices

We are able to provide a complete waste management solution for all dental practices. Initial’s UN approved dental containers protect staff and patients from the hazardous effects of mercury that are found in dental waste. We also offer our own sedimentation amalgam separator, the Amalsed®, which prevents 98% dental amalgam particulate from exiting via the waste water from the dental practice. The dental waste is taken to our treatment facility in Germany for recycling.

Residential Care Facilities/Nursing Homes

Initial Medical Services are the primary provider of clinical waste management solutions to HSE and privately owned residential homes throughout Ireland. By offering a range of specialised services, supporting management and owners, Initial ensures full compliance while creating a safer environment for patients and staff alike.

Pharmacies and Wholesale Distributors

Following the successful completion of several DUMP (Dispose of Unused Medicines properly) projects, Initial Medical Services are now offering a new waste recovery service specifically tailored for retail, HSE and hospital pharmacies throughout Ireland. We can also tailor solutions for pharmaceutical distributors and wholesalers.


Initial Medical Services provide chemical recovery services to laboratories and R&D facilities throughout Ireland. Our service includes the classification, segregation, supply of the correct packaging and disposal for your chemical waste. We will also ensure that transport of the waste conforms to current national and EU legislation.

General and Community Practitioners

Initial Medical Services is a leading provider of clinical waste disposal to public and private Healthcare professionals nationwide. Working with the HSE in the North Eastern, South Eastern and Southern regions, we provide GPs with the complete hazardous waste disposal solution. We also work closely with the private sector.


Hazardous waste from the treatment of animals can take different forms from the types of establishments involved. With our extensive knowledge of the current regulations, Initial has developed a waste management package that will ensure you are fully compliant with your specific requirements for hazardous waste disposal.

Cosmetic/Alternative Treatments

With the growing numbers of cosmetic companies, beauty salons and alternative therapy centres opening, many are coming to Initial for the correct disposal of the potentially infectious waste they produce. Waste which fall under this category are sharps (needles/ syringes) and swabs/ dressings contaminated with blood. Initial will ensure that the waste produced is handled and disposed of in accordance with all National and EU environmental and waste legislation.

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