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Caring for the Environment

Initial’s detailed environmental policy allows us to offer environmentally friendly clinical waste management solutions

At Initial medical services we take our environmental obligations very seriously. We know that our customers trust us to act responsibly and in full compliance with both the law and industry best practice at all times. Our ISO 14001 accreditation ensures that Initial Medical Services follows a carefully thought-out environmental policy that is expressed in well-documented best practice guidelines. These cover issues such as hazardous waste handling, clinical waste management, efficient road transport, energy use, pollution prevention and much more.

Regular audits and reviews of our environment management system constantly improves our environmental performances

To ensure that all our policies and procedures are working as intended, we carry out regular audits and review of our hazardous waste disposal operations to ensure that we are meeting our own environmental responsibilities at all times.

What does all this mean in practice? Better, more sustainable use of resources and a business partner that can support your own commitments in environmental sustainability.

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