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Non Slip Rubber Drainage Mats

Our rubber mats are designed to prevent accidents and injuries occurring in wet and slippery environments such as gym changing rooms, where standing water from shower areas can cause a potential slip hazard.


Safer, more hygienic environment for everyone

The rubber floor mats are also ideally suited to be placed in pub kitchens and bars where spillages of food and drink can occur. The construction of the rubber mats allow liquid to quickly drain away through its specially designed drainage holes, while its suction cup backing ensures the rubber mats stay in place.

  • Made from 100% Nitrile rubber
  • Drainage holes allow a safe dry walking surface
  • Built in anti-bacterial agents
  • Oil, water and grease resistant
  • Suction cup backing ensures mat stays in place
  • Provides anti fatigue support
  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • Cross-ventilating channel backing reduced moisture build up

A rubber mat effectively eradicates any potential slip hazard whilst the textured surface of the mat can offer a safe non slip surface to walk and work on, helping to keeping your staff and visitors safe.

Each rubber mat is designed to be 100% grease resistant and also features a built in anti bacterial agent that prevents the growth of bacteria, mould, or mildew, thus ensuring floors are kept hygienic. The mats durable and lightweight design makes cleaning and moving the mat easy.

The rubber mat offers great benefits in areas such as bars and kitchens where prolonged periods of standing occurs, with the thick rubber floor mat construction also providing anti fatigue support for legs and feet. The soft rubber surface of this floor mat also acts as a cushion reducing breakage's of crockery and glassware which could lead to a potential decrease of unnecessary expenditure on replacements.

Designed with ramped edges, the rubber mats allow trolleys and cages to be easily transported over the mats and ensure the suitability for the mats to be placed in high traffic areas.

Rubber Mat Service Options

Available on a non-serviced rental agreement, our rubber floor mats provide an efficient floor mat solution that simply and successfully keeps your floors safe and hygienic.

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Drainage Mats

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