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Anti Fatigue Mats

Improving Safety and Increasing Productivity

Anti fatigue mats have been designed to aid long periods of standing which can cause joint pain, backache and tiredness. We offer a range of anti fatigue mats that are designed to provide more comfort and increase the concentration of staff, while providing additional safety within the workplace. 


Anti Fatigue Mats

  • Construction encourages foot movement stimulating blood circulation and changes in posture
  • Anti fatigue mats insulate from cold floors
  • 100% Nitrile rubber construction
  • Easy to clean to maintain high hygiene standards
  • Available in two different sizes

Our anti fatigue mats have been designed with small cushioned air dooms which encourage foot and body movement, forcing posture changes which in turn stimulates blood circulation around the body and legs.

Anti Fatigue Mat Construction

Constructed of thick Nitrile rubber our anti fatigue mats insulate staff from cold floors which can often cause more pain. Anti fatigue mats are ideally suited for customer service counters, reception desks, supermarket counters and workstations. The anti fatigue mats are available on a non serviced rental agreement.

Safe Step Anti Fatigue Mats

  • 14mm chemical resistant material
  • Closed cell sponge reduces fatigue
  • Self extinguishing when tested in accordance with FMVSS-302
  • Chamfered edges and yellow borders provide additional safety

Our safe step anti fatigue mats are best suited within an industrial environment where long periods of standing are involved. The floor mat is made from a 14mm chemical resistant material with a close cell sponge base these mats are perfect for providing support to the legs and back, reducing fatigue.

Safe step anti fatigue mats are non flammable and has chamfered edges and yellow borders that provide additional safety within the workplace. The ‘safe step’ anti fatigue mats are available on non serviced rental agreement or as an out right purchase.

Comfort Plus anti fatigue mat

Comfort Plus Anti Fatigue Mats

Provides superior anti-fatigue properties for employee comfort.

  • Anti-microbial and slip resistant surface with bevelled edges for safety.
  • 100 % closed cell Nitrile Rubber cushion is oil, grease, chemical resistant and welding safe.
  • Light weight and easy to clean.
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Anti-Fatigue Mats

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Safe Step Anti-Fatigue Mats

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Comfort Plus Anti-Fatigue Mats

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