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Floor mats

Keep your floors safe and clean. We replace soiled mats regularly – so your flooring is always protected. Our floor mat service is hassle free, highly effective and a great way to cut down on cleaning costs too. We can also provide you with high quality anti-fatigue mats for workers who spend a lot of time standing up.

Entrance floor mats

High capacity and high performance, entrance mats help reduce the cost needed for day‐to‐day floor cleaning and maintenance while also stopping floors from becoming slippery.

Logo mats

Welcome your customers
and guests to your business with a customised logo mat. It’s a smart way
to promote your brand message and image.

Anti-fatigue mats

Make life more comfortable for members of staff who stand for prolonged periods – our anti-fatigue mats address common problems such as joint pain, backache and tiredness.

Work smarter: choose exceptional service

For mats to work effectively they have to be serviced professionally with specialist laundering – not just vacuumed. Worn mats can be ineffective, unsightly and may trip visitors or staff. We work with you to understand your business’s specific needs. We’ll then recommend the best solutions to protect your people and premises.

  • Mats regularly swapped for fresh quality-checked replacements.
  • Flexible scheduling options available to cope with seasonal weather.
  • Mats freshly laundered every time.