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General FAQs

  • Why wouldn’t I do it all myself?

    We provide exclusive, quality products and consumables that are unique to Initial. All of our products have been extensively tested so they comply with all health and Safety regulations. Our service teams are trained to perform our service efficiently and at a consistently high standard. You and your teams can focus on activities that add real value to your business.

  • Can I have my supplies delivered at hours that suit me?

    On your first meeting with our local Hygiene expert, you will have the opportunity to provide your exact service requirements and preferences, which we will do our best to fulfil.

  • Can I count on you? I don't want to have to worry.

    Initial Hygiene is one of the largest washroom hygiene businesses in the world. Our success and reputation are built on the dependability of our service. We proudly service thousands of customers in New Zealand and throughout the world. Our local branches will give you the peace of mind that professional and friendly people will be looking after you in your own area.

  • I want to know if you will give me a special fitting service, not just the bog standard, but you will also fill in all the old holes etc

    Our team will survey your premises and make bespoke recommendations based on the most appropriate placements. We ensure that work is carried to the highest standards and make every effort to ensure your installation enhances your business.

  • What business sizes do you cater for?

    We operate throughout the country and serve some of the largest companies in New Zealand and around the world. We are scaled to deliver consistently high levels of service whether you are a small single site business or a multi‐site, multi‐national organisation.

  • Is it easy to change my hygiene services account to Initial without unnecessary disruption?

    Our dedicated account teams will accompany you every step of the way. We have many years’ experience migrating customers from existing providers to Initial with no disruption in service cover. We will get to know how you operate and what you require and make it our business to tailor and implement our hygiene services accordingly.

  • Do you conduct regular evaluations of my bathroom, kitchen, office to ensure that it is up to standard?

    As part of our service, we offer a full hygiene survey of your premises. We also offer regular quality audits at an agreed frequency to help your company maintain high hygienic standards in your business. Additionally, our hygiene experts will also evaluate your site during their regular visits. If they see potential risks or areas for improvement they will ensure it is bought to your attention.

  • Can you provide good value customer service?

    At Initial, quality of service, efficiency and providing value for money are fundamental aspects of our hygiene services offering. Our dedication to maintaining and raising service standards brings us recognition in the form of customer commendations and global awards.

  • Do you provide 24‐hour service?

    We are always available to answer your questions and respond to your needs. That’s true of everyone at Initial from account managers to service operators. Everyone on our team is dedicated to helping your business perform as well as possible.

  • How long will it take to receive a quote?

    Our expert consultants will meet with you to conduct a thorough audit of your hygiene services needs. Once we fully understand who you are and what you need, our dedicated account teams will provide a specific, fully‐quoted hygiene service recommendation, always endeavouring to meet the time frames and demands of your business.

  • Will you provide the right hygiene service at the right price?

    Initial will provide tailored hygiene solutions to suit your business and your budget. However large or small your service level agreement, you’ll always enjoy a single point of contact whenever you deal with Initial. Your dedicated account consultant will have complete oversight of your requirements and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

  • Will you provide regular product and service updates?

    Our focus on research and development means that our hygiene service offering is continually developing and we are always keen to utilise the most up‐to‐date technology advancements in our drive to increase hygiene standards whilst keeping the environment in mind. Our account consultants are committed to providing you with the latest relevant information at regular intervals.

  • Why should I choose Initial for my manufacturing business?

    Initial have worked with thousands of manufacturers across the world, so we understand that good hygiene and safety is vital to the performance of your business. That’s why our solutions either dispensers with integral antibacterial technology in your washroom or anti‐ fatigue mats in production areas have been designed to keep your people safe and enhance the environment they work in.

  • Why should I choose Initial for my restaurant or bar?

    Our ranges have been developed to enhance your washrooms and impress users but are also designed to be robust and easily cleaned and serviced to ensure they remain looking great and meeting your business need.

  • Why should I choose Initial for my education facilities?

    Working with schools and other education facilities around the world, we have designed ranges to meet your exacting need. Dispensers featuring integral antibacterial technology raising hygiene standards for users and are designed to be robust and easily serviced.

  • Why should I choose Initial for my office based company?

    Initial understands that good hygiene is vital to your business. Protecting employees and helping to prevent the spread of germs in the office can reduce illness and absenteeism. That’s why our Signature range with integral antibacterial technology is an ideal solution for office washrooms which is proven to reduce the spread of bacteria.

  • Why is Initial best placed to support my retail business?

    We understand that customer first impressions count; a poor washroom experience can deter repeat customers. Our Signature and Reflection range have been design to support your décor whilst providing the highest levels of hygiene.

  • Why should I move to Initial for my hotel?

    At Initial we understand that hygiene and maintaining the right impression is vital to your business. For that reason we have designed exclusive and market leading washroom ranges which will complement your brand and fit seamlessly into your décor.