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ENVIROPure+ Service

One of the elements of providing a safe and hygienic environment for your customers, employees, visitors and those within your duty of care that can often be overlooked is the quality of air in your building. Our ENVIROPure+ Service supports you to provide fresh, clean, purified indoor air.

The air purification unit used as part of the ENVIROPure+ Service circulates and filters the air around it using a sophisticated filtration system to remove particulates and polluting gases. The unit is shown to remove 99.95% of airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns, including those in respiratory droplets released from the dry cough of someone infected with COVID-19 (these are on average 15 microns in size).

Our air purification unit uses a highly effective medical grade HEPA 13 filter that removes airborne pathogens and pollutants and helps make indoor air safer.  This includes gaseous pollutants, mould spores, allergens, dust and smoke particles, and VOCs such as formaldehyde, to provide peace of mind. We understand that health and safety is still of the utmost importance  in premises, and that is why our ENVIROPure+ Service is professionally serviced four times per annum to ensure that it continues to provide fresh, clean, purified air and that there is no health and safety risks caused as a result of changing the filter.

Unit Servicing

Full Service

  • Installation
  • Equipment rental
  • Each unit serviced 4x per annum
  • Total peace of mind


1. Contact Initial

Contact us and we will arrange for your local hygiene team to be in touch.

  • Local, expert hygiene surveyors
  • Calls returned within 24 hours (Mon-Fri)

2. Site

An Initial Hygiene Consultant will perform a thorough inspection of your business and discuss your businesses' specific hygiene needs.

  • Appointment at a time of your convenience

3. Tailored Solution

After finding out your needs, we will recommend a solution based on your specific requirements.

  • Hygiene solutions tailored to your business requirements
  • Products compliant with all hygiene and environmental regulations
  • Discreet installation with no disruption to your business

4. Ongoing Aftercare

Following your installation, we will stay in touch to ensure our products are meeting your needs and recommend any other solutions that may be beneficial to you.

  • A dedicated Account Manager who will deal with any queries
  • Account reviews on a schedule to suit you
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