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Health and Safety

Initial service contracts can help you meet or exceed Health and Safety requirements. We stay up to date with environmental and workplace regulations to help you meet your statutory requirements.

Research has shown that clean washrooms are a direct reflection of your company’s business ethos and your care for your customers and staff. They help maintain and improve staff morale and reduce the sickness days – your people feel well cared for. They also give a good impression to customers and visitors and protect your reputation.

We can also make a full audit of your requirements to help you comply with your hygiene and environmental duties under the relevant legislation. By working with us your organisation can pick up the health and safety good practice that is second nature to us.

Our products undergo rigorous testing and we use hypoallergenic formulas wherever possible to safeguard your wellbeing.

Investing in Technology

Service businesses need to innovate to keep pace with customer demand.

That’s why we are committed to research, development and appropriate investment in the latest technology. New technology can help reduce use of consumables and energy. Take our Solar Airfresh equipped with intelligent software that ‘learns’ washroom usage patterns. It will spray before lights come on and stop operating when it’s dark, reducing cost and improving environmental performance.

We invest in new technologies that:

  • Cut resources use – like the new washers that clean our mats, which have been fitted with a device that has reduced water consumption by more than half.
  • Reduce our environment impact – like the routing of our service vehicles, which is regularly checked to ensure efficient minimum mileage.
  • Improve our customers’ relationships – with our brand new customer call centre.
  • Improve the working conditions of our employees.
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