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Environment Matters

We are extremely conscious of our impact on the environment due to the nature of our business. We are committed to ensuring that our impact is minimised and is constantly reviewed and updated.

We take a range of measures to support our Environmental Policy:

Energy Efficiency
We use alternative energy sources to help reduce power consumption –for instance, our product, Solar Airfresh, is purely run on solar energy saving on the production of batteries and the subsequent problem of battery disposal. We also produce light sensitive products that only work when the lights are on.

The routing of our service vehicles is regularly checked to ensure efficient and minimum mileage.

Water Management
All roller towels are washed in ‘tunnel’ washers that recycle water in the process. Our mats are washed in ‘batch’ washers that have been fitted with a device, which has reduced water consumption from 11 litres per kilo to 5 litres per kilo. There are local policies in place to ensure that washers are only put on once a day where possible to minimise water usage.

Almost all paper towels we supply are recycled and biodegradable. Our products are manufactured using materials that can be recycled, i.e. polypropylene. Our mats suppliers recycle excess rubber from manufacturing.

Waste Management
The nature of our business results in waste that cannot be recycled however we aim to dispose of this waste in the most environmentally friendly way. We currently landfill our non-recyclable waste following a report produced by Friends of the Earth, which suggests that landfill may be superior to incineration, as less carbon is released into the atmosphere. However we continue to monitor all options.

All Initial staff follow Good Practice Guidelines and checklists that state their environmental responsibilities. We back up our frontline staff awareness and activities with regular audits from our Health, Safety and Environment team.

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